Pocket POS - Affordable, Simple and Reliable EPOS Till System + Online Ordering

Affordable, Simple and Reliable ePOS System

+ Online Ordering

Designed to Suit Businesses of All Sizes and Shapes

Pocket POS

Works on Ipad, Android Tablets

It Even Works Offline!

How can we help with your business?

When you start up a business there is so much to consider. Therefore, an affordable, simple and efficient ePOS system can really help you manage many aspects of your business. Pocket PoS has been designed and implemented to be that tool. It doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant, café, retail shop or even a launderette, our system is extremely flexible to suit your way of working. Your sales information can be effortlessly stored and accessed for analytic purposes. And with our built-in Loyalty programme, your connection to customers will be ever closer!

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Why Choose Us?

6 Key Features Pocket Pos Offers

Offline Workable

The majority of ePOS systems in the current market rely on internet connection to work properly. Sometimes internet subscription costs can bring a hefty bill to your business. Our system works offline, which means even without internet, Pocket PoS can fulfil your daily business needs with no problem at all.

Portable Devices

Pocket PoS allows for the integration of multiple portable handheld devices. When you are making an order from the table, our hand held devices enable you to send orders straight to kitchen and/or bar counter. Even on the busiest trading days, with the help of portable devices, your business efficiency will be fully maximised.

Loyalty Scheme

As loyalty schemes play a key role in the growth of any business, we have integrated a loyalty programme in our ePOS system. Statistics show customers with loyalty cards are much more likely to return than the ones without. With our Loyal Pocket App customers are able to collect and spend their loyalty points via any smart phone.

Sales Analytic

Want to know what your best seller is? How your business has been doing so far? Our system is designed to fulfil your needs with just a few taps from your fingertips. Sales reports can be generated directly through Pocket PoS and exported to your PC for further analysis if required.

Staff Timesheet

Our system’s multi-functional features also include a staff log management. This feature lets business owners monitor their staff’s timesheet more efficiently. It also allows business owner to further investigate their staff’s sales activities if they need to.


When your kitchen is flooded with orders from both eat-in and takeaway/delivery customers, the last thing you want is for orders to be delayed or even missed. To manage them in an effective manner, our system separates the types of orders and prints them directly to the kitchen for preparation. Delivery drivers can also be managed through this function.

Pocket PoS system has proved invaluable in our growing business. It is a perfect combination of efficiency, easy to use and an adaptable till system that is contemporary in style and substance.

The Runcible Spoon, Bristol


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Cafe Laundrette
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The Crafty Egg
Planet Pizza
Runcible Spoon
Cox & Baloney Tearoom & Bar
The Bristollian Cafe
the Arts House Cafe
Toro Noodle Bar
Walfish Bistro
Yume Kitchen
Jolly Sailor Saltford
Dom's Coffee
The Bridge Inn
Pasta Loco
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Our Pricing

What We Can Offer For Our Customers


£30 / Month
  • 1 Tablet + 1 Printer

Extra Printer

+£10 / Month
  • Add Extra Printer

Extra Tablet

+£15 / Month
  • Add Extra Till

* Price does not include hardware cost. Click here to view

Pocket PoS Business

Pocket PoS Business App Comes Free with our ePOS system.
It Allows You to Remotely Organise, Analyse and Control Your Business from Your Mobile Devices Whenever, Wherever You are.

Pocket Order

Online Ordering Made Easy - PocketOrder.co.uk

  • Your own Online Order website

    We understand that in recent years, online order business can bring you significantly more business than traditional telephone orders. Therefore we have designed our online ordering system to make your life easier. With Pocket Order, under your domain, you will have your own online ordering website powered by our secured network platform with no extra charge.

  • Reduce Costs on major portals

    We all know JUST-EAT rip business off by charge a rate around 18% for each online order through their website. Your repeat customers order takeaways not because you are on Just-Eat but good food. We provide this alternative solution to encourage your repeat customers to order from your own website and largely reducing your date to date operational cost with a substantially lower rate.

  • Built-in innovative Loyalty Scheme

    Everyone loves to be rewarded. With our innovative built-in loyalty scheme, rewarding your customer is ever so easy. Every online purchase through Pocket Order from your customer will generate loyalty credits for them. These credits will be available to use in their next order, encouraging them to come back with repeated business. You would be able to create your own customers database and keep in touch with them by connecting them via SMS or email.

  • Seamless Integration with Pocket PoS

    The seamless integration betweeen our online ordering and ePOS system will help your business to manage sales effortlessly 'all under one roof'. Two way communications allows business owner to inform customer estimated colleciton/delivery time. Online payment is more conveniently processed and will arrive to your account within timely manner.